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The Write Stuff Interviews: Advice for Writers

If you’re a writer, you know that there are a million books of advice for writers on the craft of fiction out there. (Books on the business of fiction are fewer but still plentiful.)

You also know that no one book has the answer you’re looking for. The answer is really the process of taking in other writers’ advice, processing it, and absorbing what works for you and rejecting what doesn’t. Getting multiple perspectives is essential.

I recently participated in a “Storybundle,” or limited-time-only collection of ebooks on a selected topic, that was focused on providing advice for writers on the craft and business of writing, both fiction and nonfiction. To help promote the bundle, I sent the other authors a short interview questionnaire, then created posts based on those interviews.

I really liked how the interviews turned out! Lots of great answers to my questions. After the event ended, I fixed the links to lead directly to their respective works.

Below is a list of the interviews I did for the Write Stuff Storybundle. If you’re looking for additional perspectives, each of these works (even mine) would be a great tool for helping you develop your awareness of the craft and business of writing.

The links below are for the interviews. Links to the works themselves can be found inside those posts. I wasn’t sure where to add my book and one other (they were both balanced between craft and business), so I called those “sanity check.” They both address how to assess your writing situation generally.


A Freelancer’s Survival Guide to Starting Your Own Business, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (fiction & nonfiction)

Publishing Pitfalls for Authors, by Mark Leslie Lefebvre (fiction & nonfiction)


Clean First Draft Writing, by Dean Wesley Smith (fiction)

Create a Character Clinic, by Holly Lisle (fiction)

Domesticate Your Badgers: Become a Better Writer Through Deliberate Practice, by Michael W. Lucas (fiction & nonfiction)

Free Your Inner Nonfiction Writer: Educate, Influence, and Entertain Your Readers, Joanna Rothman (nonfiction)

Sanity check:

Do…Quit Your Day Job: Adventures in Dumping Your 9-to-5 and Embracing Your Creative Future, by Christina F. York (fiction & nonfiction)

Writing Craft, Vol. 1: Are You Ready to Publish? & Other Burning Questions, by DeAnna Knippling (fiction)

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