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Cover of Dark and Cozy Night by author DeAnna Knippling, image of a winding mountain road and an isolated cabin

Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

A Dark & Cozy Night

Novelist Liz Hicks is investigating a series of local burglaries culminating in the theft of her deceased husband’s most prized possession…or is she being investigated?

Other Releases

The Witch House

(Middle Grade/Horror) Two preteen girls face unsettling witchcraft. For fans of Coraline.


(Cozy Mystery) Caterer Sam Genoise must investigate who is murdering her souffles!

A Shrewdness of Swindlers

(Science Fiction & Fantasy) Intertwined short stories set in the 1920s pulp era!

The House Without a Summer

(Gothic Horror) A red plague spreads in 1816. For lovers of Frankenstein and HP Lovecraft.

Crime du Jour

(Crime & Mystery) 31 days with 31 different crimes. Flash fiction stories.

Darkscan (Company Justice #2)

(Cyberpunk Thriller) Artificial intelligence and a building infested with nanotech.

Mindsight (Company Justice #1)

(Cyberpunk Thriller) Designer drug for empathy goes bad. Very bad.

The Clockwork Alice

(Fantasy) Alice, grown up and married now, is called back to Wonderland one last time.

The Knight of Shattered Dreams

(Dark Fantasy) Alice + Zombies. Book 2 of Alice’s Adventures in Underland.

The Queen of Stilled Hearts (AAiU #1)

(Dark Fantasy) Alice + Zombies. Book 1 of Alice’s Adventures in Underland.

A Murder of Crows

(Horror) Intertwined short stories set around an isolated farmhouse.


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