Cover of Dark and Cozy Night by author DeAnna Knippling, image of a winding mountain road and an isolated cabin

New Release: Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

A Dark & Cozy Night

Novelist Liz Hicks is investigating a series of local burglaries culminating in the theft of her deceased husband’s most prized possession…or is she being investigated?

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Wonderland Press

Curious Worlds for Curious Readers


Offbeat cozy and sleuth novels for readers who like plot twists, good food, and characters who go just a little too far for justice.

Fantasy & Science Fiction

Tales for the wonderous and strange, in the vein of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, the movie Metropolis, and author Phil K. Dick.


Atmospheric horror for fans of Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft, The Phantom of the Opera, Joyce Carol Oates, and Stephen King.

Curious Worlds for Curious Readers

Wonderland Press creates eclectic, savory fiction for readers who love the thrill of a surprising plot twist and a sense that reality is more than it seems. We celebrate a melange of flavors.

Our mission is to name the world’s dullness and despair and use a wide variety of flavors like humor, love, fear, mystery, and adventure to bring our readers restoration and refreshment.

Wonderland Press creates fiction ebooks, print books, and audiobooks that can be purchased at all major retailers. We also create essays and articles about how to savor the world and some of the delights to be found within it. Finally, for authors, we create nonfiction fiction and classes that support building a long-term writing and publishing career.

The Alice in Wonderland books have a special place in our hearts. We aspire to bring Lewis Carroll’s subversive spirit of overturning stuffy irrationality in everything we do.

Our vision is to embrace a world where creativity and joy triumph over mundanity and despair, and where people are appreciated for their diverse experiences, opinions, and talents.

Join us and wander the Wonderlands today!


While I’m still working on the web store,
if you’d like to purchase a signed copy of a print book,
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