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Publishing Pitfalls for Authors: Interview with Author Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Publishing Pitfalls for Authors by Mark Leslie Lefebvre Cover Image

Want to avoid the publishing pitfalls that nearly ever author seems to be prey to, sooner or later?

The letter p is for the pitfalls of…

  • perfection
  • practice
  • productivity
  • proofreading
  • predators

And more!

Mark Leslie Lefevbre is an indie author and publisher himself, a great podcasters, amd has worked with a number of companies in the publishing world, like Kobo and Draft2Digital. He also has a very, erm, abundant sense of humor, and uses it to defuse tension around difficult topics.

When you’re facing a problem as a writer and you suspect you might not be up for “tough love”…maybe go with the funny, encouraging support of Mark’s advice instead. “Tough love” can be overrated.

Publishing Pitfalls for Authors is part of the Write Stuff Storybundle, ten works on the craft & business of writing fiction available for a limited time.

UPDATE! The Write Stuff Storybundle is over, but you can still find Mark’s book at the updated link below:

I got to ask Mark a few questions for the StoryBundle!

1. What type of writer is your book aimed toward? 

All writers (traditionally published, self-published, beginners, and experienced). The pitfalls can happen to any writer at virtually any time.

 2. What problem does your book solve for those writers?

It helps them to be aware of potential traps, dangers, and habits that could get in the way of building long-term author career success.

3. Who do you consider your writing mentors? 

While there are too many experienced and wise mentors for me to mention, I also consider virtually any writer I meet to be a mentor of some sort. There isn’t a single writer, regardless of their experience, path, etc, that I can’t learn something from. I take Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch principal that “Everybody counts, or nobody counts.”

4. What else would you like readers to know about?

That it’s not too late. It’s never too late. Don’t fall prey to FOMO and the belief that you missed out on the “Kindle Gold Rush” or any of that. New opportunities and options for writers open up every single day. Go forth and conquor.

I love that quote 🙂

Mark’s bio:

Mark is a writer, an editor, a professional speaker, and a book nerd with a passion for craft beer.

You can find Mark at:

His website:



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