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Indy Publishing Series

To prepare for a talk at Pikes Peak Writers’ Conference, I’ve been posting things on my regular website about Indy Publishing.  It’s a try/fail kind of thing; however, if you’re interested, the articles are here. I’ve talked about the money I expect to make and about the fact that a LOT of people are pouring

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Zombie Girl Invasion on sale!

Now at, Barnes and Noble, and This weekend only!  Get “Zombie Girl Invasion” FREE at Smashwords only using coupon code MF89W. Act now; zombies are waiting for your click! ZOMBIE GIRL INVASION Neil hates zombies.  Neil hates girls.  Dang ol’ zombie girl. Neil hates zombies. Neil hates girls. Bleah. But then the zombies invade,

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Bunny Attack! On Sale

Now at and Barnes and Noble, and   BUNNY ATTACK Nibbles Hungers for Revenge When Marina forgets to feed her vicious pet bunny, Nibbles turns into a terrible monster who eats everything in sight. How can Marina survive?  A scary story for seven and up. Marina once had an evil pet rabbit named

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Haunted Empire On Sale

Now at,, and Barnes and Noble for $2.99. Treachery.  Terrorism.  Chocolate. Captain Ian Halloran, a small-time interstellar chocolate smuggler, insulted research librarian Aoife Cavenaugh’s intelligence as well as her virtue when he tried to fondle her at his own wedding, to her beloved cousin. But that was years ago. Now her cousin’s ghost haunts Aoife,

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Tentative Release Schedule

I’m planning on having four “seasons” per year for planning purposes: Spring Fever (February to April) Farmer’s Market (May to July) Harvest (August to October) Holiday Festival (November to January) Note:  These seasons are based on my eating habits.  My food cravings flip-flip in time with the sun. There will also be one short story

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