I’m planning on having four “seasons” per year for planning purposes:

Spring Fever (February to April)
Farmer’s Market (May to July)
Harvest (August to October)
Holiday Festival (November to January)

Note:  These seasons are based on my eating habits.  My food cravings flip-flip in time with the sun.

There will also be one short story a week, posted on Friday.  First up is “Bunny Attack!” by De Kenyon (kids’ comedy-horror).

Spring Fever

Haunted Empire – SF adventure.  A Danavas Empire short novel by DeAnna Knippling

Since I’m starting so late in the Spring Fever season, I’m only going to have one book out, a short novel called Haunted Empire, to be released on Friday, April 8th.  I will post a blurb and cover for it tomorrow.  If you’re quick, there will be a coupon to celebrate my first release (probably this weekend only).  Email me at publisher@wonderlandpress.com if you’re interested in doing a review.

Farmer’s Market

Death by Chocolate – Horror/romance.  Short novel by DeAnna Knippling

Stolen Empire – SF adventure.  A Danavas Empire novel by DeAnna Knippling

I will be looking for beta readers for Death by Chocolate and Stolen Empire.  Let me know if you’re interested.