Sleep-deprived Ironies and the Power of the Internet

I took the entire weekend off (and away from the Internet) in order to relax…and ironically didn’t sleep more than a couple of spotty hours last night. Strangely, not tired yet. Feeling a lot better, in fact – I spent a lot of time awake going, “You don’t have to let people suck the life and love out of your heart.”
Connecting in public with people I don’t know personally (face to face) is both rewarding and draining. I’m still trying to find a balance there. How much time and effort do people who are essentially strangers get? At what point do I cut them off? How do I draw lines without being angry all the time? Especially now, when it seems like the whole world is out to desiccate every emotion but anger and outrage. 
It’s a personal matter; no advice, please.  But I do feel recharged.
The people who don’t respect you as a person don’t get your time.
I think it says something about me that, at 43, I have to occasionally spend the night awake going, “Is there something wrong with me, because I refused to let someone else control the conversation?”
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