New fiction live – “Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” contemporary horror on Wattpad


This one is currently available only on Wattpad; I entered it in the #TNTHorrorContest.  The next phase of the contest happens on December 2, with the top 100 stories posted to the contest webpage.  There appear to be a TON of entries.  It’s currently free to read; if nothing else happens with it, I’ll put together an ebook.  You can read it here.

On a side note, I heard a definition of creepiness that I love:

Creepy is when you can’t tell whether something is a threat or not.

I’m paraphrasing a bit; the quote came from here, a YouTube channel called “Lessons from the Screenplay.”  It’s a video talking about The Shining.

(horror – graphic violence – creepy)

"Something borrowed, something blue.  Something terrible will happen to you."
  It's a bad neighborhood in Detroit, the kind of place where abandoned houses get stripped, then taken over by squatters, then burned.  But it's about to get worse.
  Across the street is a white van with those words spray-painted on the side in blue.  It pulled up in the middle of the night without a sound.  The windows are solid black glass.  And it's watching you...

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