The following book was not written by me, but by a family member.  Brittney’s her own girl 🙂  She really wanted to get the message out, in order to help people who are or have gone through a similar experience–loss of an unborn baby.

The book is up for free on Smashwords here.

Letters to Thorbin

Brittney L. Wentzel

August 5, 2010, was the best and the worst day of my life. On that day I married my best friend, my rock, my hero—and on the same day we lost our son, Thorbin, at 14 weeks due to heart complications. I wanted to share my story of this past year in hope of helping others who have gone though the same thing as we have.

June 2nd, 2010


Your dad and I have been trying for you since October, and today on a whim I took a home test early in the morning, not thinking anything of it until in the window PREGNANT showed. I was so excited I ran into the bedroom to show your dad. He rolled over and said, “Is this real?”  “Of course, silly.” “Oh,” and he rolled back over to sleep. See what you have to look forward to, LOL.

I called right away to make an appointment with my doctor. Today is a very exciting day, not only because of you, but because we were signing on our first house. We went in to the doctor at 8 a.m. to get blood work done. First person we told was your grandma. She was so excited for us to get our blood work back. She called on her lunch break to see if we had news back from the doctor. “Don’t they know I have a heart condition and I just wanna know?”

Right before we walked in to sign our papers, the nurse called. “Congratulations, your blood work came back great, and you will be having a baby around February 5th.” I was so excited I just wanted to jump out of my skin! When we got home, I called all of my family in Oregon—your great-great grandparents all the way to your aunts and uncles, all very excited for you!

Just finding out about you, and I already love you more than anything in the world. Can’t wait to meet you!

Love always, your mommy.