I now have books up at AllRomance/OmniLit, in PDF format only:

DeAnna Knippling

De Kenyon

Kitty Lafontaine

I attempted to use Calibre to convert other file types as well…oh, man.  That’s going to be quite the learning curve.  But that’s publishing for you:  behind every story that goes up at a different website, there’s a TON of frantic work behind the scenes, cursing at every delay.

That’s not to say that working with OmniLit was difficult; I had to request a code so that I didn’t need to pay for a block of ISBNs, but that was quick and painless.  Now I need to fill out a W9, which is reasonable, scan it, and send it back in.  Nothing too horrendous…like learning how to convert to Epub using Calibre. Oy.

As usual, I will probably come out of the process knowing more than most people would ever want to hear.  It’s going to take a while before I have total control over how ebooks come out, but I’ll get there.  If I can beat Word 2007, I can beat this, too.