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New Release: Ipseities

Ipseities: A Collection of Unclassifiable Compositions Eleven visionary indie writers deconstruct The Human Condition in this mind-bending collection of short stories in a variety of genres. Each of these unique voices explores a divergent world as unnerving as it is unknown, unsettling, and unresolved. These stories are guaranteed to take up residence in your head.

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Stolen by the Fae Cover Image

New Release: Stolen by the Fae

I have a short story called “Estimated Value” in this anthology, a tale about the fae and pickers–people who pick up antiques and ephemera for a living (but who don’t leave changelings in return). Other authors in the anthology include: Ron Collins, Karen L. Abrahamson, Brigid Collins, Dayle A. Dermatis, Olivia Wylie, Leah R. Cutter,

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