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New Release: Stolen by the Fae

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I have a short story called “Estimated Value” in this anthology, a tale about the fae and pickers–people who pick up antiques and ephemera for a living (but who don’t leave changelings in return).

Other authors in the anthology include: Ron Collins, Karen L. Abrahamson, Brigid Collins, Dayle A. Dermatis, Olivia Wylie, Leah R. Cutter, Rebecca M. Senese, Anthea Sharp, Annie Reed, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Tami Veldura, Thea Hutcheson, Deb Logan, Leslie Clare Walker, and Jamie Ferguson!

Steal away to the wild world of the Fae!

In the darkest dark of night
The faeries come to see the sight

A sleeping child, sweet as can be
Its cheeks red as stolen cherries

They whisper, then sing the child a song
It stirs, and smiles, and slumbers along

Faster than the eye can see
They swap it with a sickly Fae baby

In the morn, the parents find the sight
Of a babe who looks like their own…but not quite

Stolen  by the Fae contains sixteen stories based on the mythology of the changeling, in which fairies steal a human and replace it with one of their own kind. Sometimes their motivations are good…and sometimes they are not good at all.

Enjoy the magic and excitement of these sixteen tales of Faerie!

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