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New Release: The Witch House

My new novel, The Witch House, is out!–For readers who enjoyed Coraline, Paranorman, or WandaVision. This is written from the perspective of two sixth-grader girls, which, if you remember sixth grade at all, is not a gentle age.

Cover for the Witch House by DeAnna Knippling


Jayla Jackson is a witch. Or is she?

She dresses in black, has zero friends, is super-smart, and doesn’t fit in.

But that doesn’t make her a witch…


When Jayla’s English teacher makes her class start writing in journals for class—but says they don’t have to tell the truth in them—Jayla boldly declares that she’s a witch.

She starts making up spells, talking about her familiar (a ghost cat), and writing stories about all the terrible things she’s done. She didn’t mean to hurt anyone, she says, but that doesn’t make her feel any better.

Her English teacher just smiles and praises her for being creative.

But Jayla has real secrets hiding underneath her made-up confessions.

There is a witch in town.

And Jayla must face her if she wants to save her family and her new friend, Lola, too.

A middle-grade novel about finding one’s own strength in the face of overwhelming magic. Read it now!

You can purchase The Witch House at most online book retailers. Let me know if you can’t–I’ll try to track down how to get it there. There’s a print and an ebook version, but not an audio version. You can find the individual store links here:


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