New Release: Ipseities

Front cover image for the Ipseities anthology, showing a haunting humanoid figure in front of a setting moon

Ipseities: A Collection of Unclassifiable Compositions

Eleven visionary indie writers deconstruct The Human Condition in this mind-bending collection of short stories in a variety of genres. Each of these unique voices explores a divergent world as unnerving as it is unknown, unsettling, and unresolved. These stories are guaranteed to take up residence in your head.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Stories by Beau Blackcrow, Irene Bloodrose, Tod Davies, Jens Durke, DeAnna Knippling, Shawn Koch, Matt Orth, Miriam Robern, Rick Rosenkranz, Adrian McCauley, and Leigham Shardlow

Inspiration for my short story, “Evil Twin”:

Story inspirations are weird.
I wrote “Evil Twin” for a friend at the time, in empathy for her past family trauma and because I wanted to write a Vonnegut-esque short story. Turned out this friend was a subset of Real Bad Person and I’d accidentally hit on some stuff she didn’t want anyone to know about. Instead of being glad to read the story, she was quietly pissed. I only figured out why muuuuch later.
I try to be careful with people’s secrets that I’m not supposed to know.
But yannow.

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