Anxiety and Depression: Two Loopholes.

I think I’ve found an answer (for now) for the pair of questions that’s been bothering me over the last year.  I’ve been chipping away at both of them; depression worked itself loose much more easily than anxiety.

The questions:

What to do/take advantage of when I’m depressed? (What is the min/max approach to dealing with my depressed days?)

What to do/take advantage of when I’m anxious? (What is the min/max approach to dealing with my anxious days?)

My answers:

Depression is a lowering of the ego.  Study and practice self-care (hydrate, eat healthfully, exercise, personal hygiene, journal, etc.).

Anxiety is an opening of the possibilities (which are often terrifying).  Solvitur ambulando and go on a wool-gathering mission while walking.  Also, self-care and coffee (when I’m anxious, it slows me down).

These may not be your answers; these may not even be your questions.  But they are mine; they soothe my inner two-year-old and make her feel like she’s been listened to, no need to make things worse.  And that’s all I need: a loophole that lets me keep functioning.

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