Lee’s brother Dale made it up to the Springs Friday night after a bit of on-again, off-again scheduling issues. We dragged him to the zoo on Saturday, had supper and cake for Lee’s UnBirthday (since there was no cake on his actual birthday due to moving), and sent him off to Pierre, SD, to Mike’s (Lee’s other brother’s) house.

A week from now (approximately), Dale’s starting a job contracting for Lockheed Martin in the Marshall Islands. He’ll be there for two years doing IT stuff. Two years, island in the Pacific. The military base supports the rest of the islands; the sanitation is so bad the government has to fly in drinkable water. Everyone showers in sea water. According to Dale, the native islanders have rampant problems with typhoid…there used to be lepers…

But I’m sure he’ll be okay. It’ll be nothing like Lost. Nothing at all.


A Vote for Your Republican Congressperson is a Vote for Torture!


Well, That Explains It.

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  1. mattanderica

    But are there polar bears on the Marshall Island, because then it would be like Lost, because there has to be burried bunkers somewhere…because its an island, and what else do you have to do but make underground bunkers to hide from polar bears

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