Question of the Day.

Name five books, music CDs, or movies, if any, that would you rather buy someone a copy of rather than loan out your last copy.

Yours truly:

Annotated Alice, Lewis/Tenniel/Gardner
Collected Fictions, Jorge Luis Borges
FLCL (anime)
Master Li and Number Ten Ox Novels, Barry Hughart
The Sandman series

…and I would be pretty itchy about any Tom Waits moving out of view.

Wouldn’t mind hearing from at least Dave, Doyce, Jackie, Stan, my siblings, and the reputed king of double- and triple-stacking bookshelves, Randy…




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  1. Boulder Dude



    I’ll give it a go.

  2. mattanderica

    Well I would say that I wouldn’t loan any of these out, but I think at some time I have-with great regret- done just that. And since most of our CDs are on itunes, we loan those out all the time-or perfectly legal copies…

    Hitchhikers Guide, both movie and books-the movie is loaned out now and might never come back!
    Star Wars-all six of them
    I know these aren’t on there as an accepteable form of loanable entertainment but I’m using them anyways, Ninja Gaden Black-cause ninjas are cool, and Halo 2. And I have loaned these out too, but only in short term trade with my nephew in-law for more games.
    The Family Guy
    and Futurama series

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