Journal: Snippets

This was a particularly rich journaling morning, but it’s mostly short snippets.

Cognitive dissonance is one of the most terrifying things I know.  I should make a monster out of it.

[For men,] 50 = the year of the patriarch, where you have to come to grips with the fact that you’ll never be one.  That’s the “middle aged crisis.”

Can you even write a thriller pantsing?  [A few names of authors I have heard that do so] do it.  So it’s probably a function of internalizing so many [thriller] plots.

Wanted: co-writer.  You must be able to: make maps, edit, and plot.  Worldbuilding a must.  Me:  Characters, dialogue, and filtering the scene through character POV.  What we will fight over:  plot.  Fame and fortune await!

[Playing with a plot idea, discovering that I’m injecting a lot more tropes in it than usual, probably because I’ve been studying tropes lately] Studying tropes is giving my subconscious permission to use them more.  Cheesily?  Hard to say.  I can’t write fast enough to keep up with all my good ideas, and this trope thing is only making it worse.

I’m not joking about the co-writer thing, by the way.  It would be a BLAST to work with someone who handed me a juicy high-fantasy world to work in at this point.  However, it’s gonna have to be 50-50 royalties deal…

If you enjoyed this morning’s post, look around for a good high-fantasy GM that you know that loves worldbuilding and hates having their players screw things up…and email me with their name 🙂

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