Today I’m researching Feedbooks  from a publisher’s perspective.  I cruised around Feedbooks a bit this weekend, and I liked it.

Note: Currently, independent authors and publishers cannot charge money to publish on Feedbooks.

Feedbooks is a French company that uses DRM.  They have a three-strikes takedown policy.  They also support various types of CC licences.

When you enter a book into Feedbooks, you have to structure the book yourself, into chapters, using their user interface.  If you have already set up a clean Smashwords, PubIt, or KDP copy, you should be fine–make sure you’re using the visual rather than HTML editor, or you’ll lose all your paragraph breaks.  Otherwise, if you’ve ever used WordPress to blog, you already know how to do this.

I’ve put up “The Business that Must Be Conducted in the Dark,” if you’d like to check it out.