Get Lost: A freelancer’s short rant

People are always trying to pressure me into changing my opinion.  I get that.  I seem like a soft target:  I let people present their arguments to me, and I actually listen.  Sometimes I even change my mind.

In addition, I have been trained in the kind of female empathy that says, “I have no personal desires for myself; I’m just here to support other people whether I want to or not, but especially white people, men, and anyone older than I am.”

I’m low risk, high reward.

Except for the part where I’ve been learning lately that saying “no” and “get lost” are literally money in the bank for me as a freelancer.  Some people and projects cost more time than they’re worth; cutting them out of my life leaves room for stuff that pays actual money, working for and associating with people who actually respect me.

So let me just say, as an increasingly successful freelancer and someone who’s done soft-pedaling the bigots of the world,

You’re not worth my time.  Get lost.

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