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From writer Robin Nolet:

I volunteered to participate in the group that is exploring the possibility of Douglas County libraries including indie pub books in their catalog-and perhaps even creating a publishing site for indie authors through the DougCo libraries-that would pay authors, and also put the books in the libraries. They would also like to be a resource for local writers who want to learn more about the craft and also about indie publishing. Plus, of course, offer indie authors opportunities to do signings, and other events to get them in front of the public and encourage sales. ALL good things!

As you can imagine this is a BIG project and our little group is charged with taking the first exploratory steps to educate the library board so that they can make a decision about funding this for 2013. While they are focusing on only DougCo for the moment, they are open to input from authors from the Springs through the Denver area. And ultimately they’d like it to be a chance to discover Colorado writers all over the state.

If this works out, this will be the first program of it’s kind in the nation!

My first little task…is to find 5 to 15 authors who would want to participate in a focus group to give the library feedback on how authors might feel about the idea, the different facets of the program, and anything they could contribute about their needs in the indie publishing world.

So…I’m looking for authors in the area who would like to participate in this focus group. We’ll be meeting sometime later this summer (we’ll coordinate with everyone once we HAVE someone to coordinate with!) and it should only be about a 2 hour meeting-it will most likely be at the library in Castle Rock and we’ll be meeting with Jamie LaRue, who is the director of DougCo libraries.

Obviously, we’d love to have anyone interested actually attend. But if you are far away in the Springs and wouldn’t be able to attend, I’d love for you to email me your thoughts to share with the group.

(Contact her at robinnolet {at} gmail {dot} com.)

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  1. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for posting this opportunity. I’ve re-shared DeAnna Knippling’s link on Facebook to help spread the word.

    I do have a couple of questions, though. Are you interested in talking with writers who have an interest in indie publishing but have not published yet, or just writers who have already published works independently? Would this program have any genre restrictions or preferences?

    Stace Johnson

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