Book Review: The Surrogates

by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele.

You know how people play MMORPGs too much?

What if the whole world were like that, people playing their lives via android?

Hm…there’s really only one way to go from there:  somebody decides it’s a bad idea and starts taking that away from other people, because, you know, it’s for their own good.  So there aren’t really any surprises when it comes to the overall plot.  Somebody’s wrecking surrogates, and the main character has to find out who.

However, the devil (or the genius) is in the details, and this is a graphic novel where the detail make the book, turning a lame over-plot into something worth reading.  It doesn’t hurt that the art is so good, either, although it’s not pretty.  This world where everyone is, by design, very attractive, is ugly and dingy and gray.  Okay, okay, hit me over the head, but I liked the art.

The in-jokes from MMOs (“I think I’d know if I were making love to someone who’s really a man” kind of thing) don’t hurt, either.

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