Rachael goes to Physics Day at school (pix)

We went to Physics Day at Ray’s school last Wednesday (I’m so lazy, I didn’t get the pictures downloaded until today).

Everyone at the Dirt Cake table.  What dirt cake has to do with physics, I’ll never know.

14 Feb 10 041

What?  You don’t know the recipe?

14 Feb 10 043

Here’s Ray outside the star demonstration balloon, which we saw together last year and Ray saw that morning.  Unfortunately, all the tickets were gone by the time we got there.  Here’s Ray, trying to look cute while she’s disappointed.

14 Feb 10 049

She was less disappointed after she saw the first room.

14 Feb 10 051

I promise that she never cackled…in my hearing.

14 Feb 10 053

Say ah!

14 Feb 10 061


14 Feb 10 064

This little girl was probably listening to me giggle.

14 Feb 10 068

Magnets!  And TVs!

14 Feb 10 078

Faster, faster, you fool, you fool!

14 Feb 10 079

Ray’s death-defying trick.

14 Feb 10 083

And no one will stop me…what?  Time to go?

14 Feb 10 084

The experiments were run by Little Shop of Physics up at Colorado State University. There’s going to be a big open house on Feb 27th, and we may go.

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