Alien Blue out in Print!

I am so wiped out this week, and still trying to understand the effects of all my messing around wtih Alien Blue over the last few weeks, so I’ll sit on the updates for that for a bit.  Also, I’m going to be tied up next week, so posts here may be, um, a bit scanty until April 2.

A month later, Alien Blue is finally out in print.  Copies should be up at Amazon in the next week or so, and other online sites within six weeks.  IF you want a signed copy, contact me directly, and I’ll get it headed your way.  Ebooks are available from, and copies will be up at other websites starting May 20. Read the free chapters here.  I’ll also be bringing copies to Pikes Peak Writers’ Conference.

Bill Trout didn’t set out to get involved with aliens. He just wanted to run his damned brewery and heal up from being abandoned by his ex-wife. But that ain’t the way things worked out, and now he has some bodies to bury, an alien kid who’s wanted for murder—mass murder—to hide, and a planet to save. But Bill won’t go down easy.

Fortunately, the aliens, who are a blue ooze that takes over your body and are real hard to kill, have no tolerance for alcohol. So now Bill has a new beer on tap: Alien Blue.

He just has to be careful who he serves it to.

The great beer epic…okay, honestly, beer can’t solve everything.  And in fact it can cause a lot of problems, especially when you have a bunch of body-jacking aliens around and being less than sober is the only way to defend yourself. But sometimes all you really need is to put your feet up and enjoy how messed-up the world is, and this the book for that 🙂

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