Shhh. Everybody’s asleep but me!

Ray can hold her tummy off the floor now for brief moments. She recognizes it when I copy what she’s doing — she thinks it’s funny. She can sit up for a short time, longer if you tuck a blanket around her. She still doesn’t sleep through the night. She likes to go to bed late, get up late, and avoid naps as long as possible. She’s rarely still. I took a bath with her so she could play in deep water, and she wasn’t afraid, even though she splashed water up her nose. Hypothetically, she can scoot off to wherever she’s going, but usually by the time she remembers how to scoot, she forgets what she was headed in that direction for. She knows how to turn the pages of her cardboard books. She knows how to touch things, but if she gets too excited, she’ll yank or hit. She likes trees. She wants to eat the cat.

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