Snippets are addictive. Please note: wrassling with bebe foots and finners as I type.

If more things happened to me on a daily basis, I wouldn’t have such an overactive imagination. Not that anybody would believe me if I said I’d been abducted by aliens at this point. So. I find myself sitting in front of a moveable keyboard with a six-month-old bebe on my lap, listening to the sprinklers on the complex lawn (and anybody who’s tried to raise a lawn in Colorado knows just how complex they really are) and a hummed version of the Imperial March as Lee blows stuff up.

I just submitted a little snippet to the Banshee Studios contest of the month; the snippet concerned love and clowns. (Don’t worry. It’s worse than it sounds.) I couldn’t find any info regarding what rights they were after, so I’ll wait to post it until after I hear back from them.

What I should be doing is getting “Feather” ready to send, or at least working on Beauregard.


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