My brother Matt sends this:

So maybe all those hours spent watching scifi movies has paid off. For our

eletronic media class we had to come up with a new technology. So here was


An new technology that could be beneficial to develop would be a world wide

wireless network. Only this technology would employ the use of transmitters

that would be attached to certain types of insects. This way there would be

no need to, or the problem of running cables, putting up towers. There would

be one central broadcast station and since there are millions of insects

around the world then each signal would jump from bug to bug. There wouldn’t

be as much lost signal when you travel down a valley or through a dead area.

The process of attaching the transmitters could be done with just a simple

crop duster and the adhesive that would be used could be made to only attach

to the DNA of insects. The transmitters could also be made to have a half

life so they eventually break down leaving no trace even after the insect

has died. But still be resistant enough to with stand elements and an

occasional digestion.

And here was the instructors response…

Brilliant!! You win the prize for the most innovative advance idea in

technology submitted. Your idea blew me away! If you return to the site, you

can browse the other students’ ideas, but really, none of them are new. You

“stepped up to the plate” with this one.

I believe that you should earn extra points for this idea, so I have added

10 points to the GOLDEN GLOBES assignment. (its easier than creating a new

place for these points).