Don’t go to Jade Palace, Colorado Springs, Co.

Next door is a storefront, “Jade Palace Gifts.” Hours are by appointment only. The glass door and all the windows of this storefront are completely–floor to ceiling–covered by venetian blinds. The paint on the outside of both buildings is suspiciously old, slightly flaking, unkempt.

The interior doesn’t match the exterior. Or it does. Too much money has been put into tacky decorations that haven’t been cleaned in a while.

The service was prompt but too familiar. My entire meal was a distraction, with both waitresses sitting at my booth and attempting to feed Ray, who doesn’t take food from strangers.

The food was bad. Not disgusting, but poor. Ironically, with my waitresses having difficulty with English, the cook was latino.

One of the diners behind us said, “This soup doesn’t taste like it used to.”