Film at Eleven.

No offense, but I’m going to say something offsensive.

I’m sick of a certain type of news commentary that’s a response to original news commentary, specifically, the derivative news commentary that states that the original news commentary is bullshit, and here’s why, with quotes so extensive I should be paying royalties. OK. It’s not news. Not everyone can report the news. That’s what you have the AP for. So…you write commentaries. You give the news some spin.

Now, everyone descends on your commentary, and adds commentary to that. And so on. And so forth.

I’m not talking about posts that refer me from one website to another, for the purpose of reading original commentary. I’m talking about people who have to rant about other people’s rants–er, commentary. I’d rather read an original commentary, even if I don’t agree with it, thanks. Or maybe even some news. Original content, I mean, content you came up with all by yourself, I like that.

I’d like to say that the irony of writing this has passed me by. Fine.

The irony of writing this post has passed me by.

It must just be the time of year. Usually, people have something insightful to say about their own lives and environments–including the media news. Sheer, dumb burnout. It’s stuff like this that makes people like me start using non-sequiteurs in conversation as a desperation ploy to change the subject.