April 2009


Another iteration of celebrating a holiday for something you don’t believe in, but you do, but you don’t, but who wants to miss out on everything, you know? Is it just for the kids or not? I got the existential; I just ain’t got the angst. We cheerfully dyed eggs on Friday night. I like

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Writely Update:

This has to be my what, seven millionth time rewriting the prologue of Alien Blue? This week: a huge stack of AB edits that I should have addressed already. I pulled them off into their own little pile and saw the first chapter comments for the new book, which I now want to work on,

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Tea arrival.

I ordered some tea from Stash tea. Of all days, it arrived today, when I cannot truly appreciate anything other than the taste of salt and vitamins. (I had a six-fruits-in-every-bottle! white people juice with vitamins in it and all I could taste was the vitamins.) I had ordered pu-erh tea and some other stuff.

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Taught Ray how to elicit toots from a bottle today. As always, the experience of successfully teaching something comes to me as a miracle: I say stuff, and suddenly the light goes on, but the connection between the two isn’t as straight a line as the ego would like. She did the work. I just

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