April 2009

My hands shook a little…

Lee has spent a considerable (and considerate) amount of time setting up the computer IN MY OFFICE for me. AHAHAHAHAHA! I can’t tell you how good this feels, how nerve-wrackingly good. I had been trying to pick out the perfect desk, but I abandoned that plan in favor of a cheap-ass-but-for-all-practical-purposes-perfect desk. The room is […]

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ABNA reviews up!

I had two readers for Alien Blue in the ABNA contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to semi-finals, but I did get these two reviews back, see? And while semi-finals were announced March 15th, the reviews just came back today. Understandable; the staff needed to sleep for two weeks, and April 1st would have been

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Ray tooth update:

Make that three times I’ve been pranked today. I’d forgotten which of Ray’s baby teeth had come out and which hadn’t; the tooth I thought was a chipped baby tooth was an adult tooth coming in at an off-kilter but perfectly acceptable angle. Silly me; she chipped a different tooth while trying to pry a

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