Tea arrival.

I ordered some tea from Stash tea.

Of all days, it arrived today, when I cannot truly appreciate anything other than the taste of salt and vitamins. (I had a six-fruits-in-every-bottle! white people juice with vitamins in it and all I could taste was the vitamins.)

I had ordered pu-erh tea and some other stuff.

I was very excited about this pu-erh tea.

I’d had some at World Market. It was delicious.

I opened the vacuum package, knowing I wouldn’t be able to smell anything.

But I did smell something. Dirt.

Lee said, “That smells like marijuana.”



I brewed some.

Tasted it.


But…tasty dirt.

Having been subjected to many of Lee’s taste experiments, I ran over to him and shoved the mug in his face. Classic Lee face. That Look he gets when Y.T. does something completely goofy and expects praise for it, like a two-year-old proudly presenting her first poop art in the bathroom.

“I think it tastes like dirt,” I said. “But I think I like it.”

“I know how you could save a lot of money on tea. Just send Rachael outside for it…”

“But it would have dog poop in it. Or cat poop, probably,” I said.

He gave me That Look again.

“Does it taste like marijuana tea?”

He stopped giving me That Look to think about it for a few seconds. “I don’t know,” he said, finally. “I’ve never had marijuana tea.”

So, if there’s anyone who’s ever had marijuana tea, let me know if it tastes like dirt, because if this package just has marijuana with dirt on it, I’m going to send it back, damn it, for the sheer principal of the thing.

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