April 2009

Back from PPWC…

So on Friday I’m in a read-and-critique session, one where a reader reads the first page and three people give their first impressions. I have Ginger Clark, Jeffrey Deaver, and Rose Hilliard (editor at St. Martin’s). I have (yet again) rewritten the first page, based on Miss Snark’s First Victims Secret Agent first page contest

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Word of the Day.

A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg borborygmus MEANING: noun: A rumbling noise caused by the movement of gas through the intestines. ETYMOLOGY: From Greek borborygmos (intestinal rumbling), an onomatopoeiac word to describe the sound. NOTES: Borborygmi are usually harmless, they are simply a result of gas movement around the stomach. And the rumbling sound doesn’t mean one

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PPWC: Thursday.

This is the first year of Thursday add-on material for PPWC. I chose Track 3: Giving it Wings (Publicity, Promotion, Marketing). I have mixed feelings about the day. The track itself, I think, was good, sound stuff. We even wrote trial press releases and gave interviews. But I talked myself into listening to the wrong

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Allllmost. But again, no.

DeAnna– Thanks very much for sending “Fragile,” my way. My assistant editor and I both enjoyed the narrative voice, but overall, the piece isn’t quite what we’re seeking for Farrago’s Wainscot, so we’re going to pass. Best, Darin BradleyFiction Editor Such is the life. However, I will happily take the compliments where I can get

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Secret Agent!

Kate over at KT Literary reviewed 50 first pages over at Miss Snark – it starts here. Here’s what I learned: So far, I see I give people about four-five sentences before I’m bored. Grammar issues are grating. I hate running into a plethora of weird names. Irony is good. I want to start off

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Query update.

I sent my updated query off to Query Shark. Blood! Blood in the water! Blood everywhere! Dear Query Shark, An hour’s drive from Roswell, New Mexico, is a wide spot in the road named Haley. Haley’s famous for two things–Haley Hospital, the best in the state, and a dive called the Caveman Bar and Grill.

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