Secret Agent!

Kate over at KT Literary reviewed 50 first pages over at Miss Snark – it starts here.

Here’s what I learned:

  • So far, I see I give people about four-five sentences before I’m bored.
  • Grammar issues are grating.
  • I hate running into a plethora of weird names.
  • Irony is good.
  • I want to start off with character + action, not just action.
  • NO MORE EYES. (Eyes rolling, etc.)
  • After a series of pages without action, a page that handles action well is a breath of fresh air.
  • People who talk down to MG audiences make my teeth grate (Hello? Remember fourth grade? You were SMARTER than that).
  • I want to say I just don’t care for women’s fiction, but it’s not true–but I know that’s not true–but the women’s fiction barely gets a sentence or two before I’m tired of it.
  • Fiction vs. the moral of the story = give me fiction!

Control Issues and No Pet is Worth All This! are the two I hope get published, so I can read the rest.

Also, I don’t want Kate’s job.

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