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Neil hates zombies.  Neil hates girls.  Dang ol’ zombie girl.

Neil hates zombies. Neil hates girls. Bleah. But then the zombies invade, and he has to save the zombie girl from being eaten…by other zombies!

Neil hated zombies.  I mean, really hated zombies.  If he ever saw a zombie, he would tear the refrigerator off the wall and smash it over the zombie’s head, so it squished out the bottom like a packet of ketchup.  Or shoot it with a shotgun, right the head, so its head would explode like a tomato.  Or burn it up with a flamethrower, or chop its head off with a samurai sword, or lasers.

It’s okay to kill zombies.

His dad understood that it was okay to kill zombies, as long as it wasn’t too loud, or in church or at school or at the grocery store, and then it was okay to kill zombies as long as you did it quietly.  His mom didn’t understand at all, but that was girls for you.