Opening of Wonderland Press

Here’s the plan:  I write the books, I publish the books, I sell the books.

At this point, any other names in the Wonderland Press catalogue are me.  Why use pen names if I’m going to tell you that I’m using them?  Think of them as a heads-up.  If you buy DeAnna Knippling, you’re going to get science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  If you buy De Kenyon, you’re going to get middle grade and chapter books.  If you buy Diane Harbor King (or whatever her name is going to be; I’m still on the fence), you’ll get cozy mysteries about food.

For now, I’m only publishing ebooks.  Later, I will publish print books that you can order through this site or pick up in indy bookstores around the country.

Pricing for ebooks:

Novels – $4.99
Short story collections – $4.99
Short novels – $2.99
Short stories – $.99

I’ll have specials from time to time that I’ll announce here and on the Wonderland Press email list (coming soon).  If you want to review any books, contact me at  I pass out free copies to reviewers who have a strong commitment to publishing reviews.

Note:  Don’t send me submissions.  I’ll delete them unread.


Marketing workshop of DOOOM


Tentative Release Schedule


  1. Mo

    Excellent! Good luck, hope this structure works really well for you.

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