Class Pet from Beyond the Grave

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Class Pet from Beyond the Grave

What Darkness Lurks behind the Lesson Plans?

by De Kenyon

A ghost haunts the teachers’ toilet, but Fox & Hare Paranormal Investigations faces worse something worse than a ghost when they investigate the case of a missing class pet:  murder.

“Come on, Dawn,” Sampson said. “You’re not going to convince anybody by yelling at them. Here.” He handed one of Dawn’s hand-drawn business cards, complete with a glittering ghost, to Principal Smiley. “If you need us, you know where to find us.”

Principal Smiley crouched down so she was on her level and took the card with a fake-polite smile. “In class, I hope.”

Tony said, “So much for your booger ghost,” and the other kids laughed.


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