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Attacl of the 50-Foot Sushi Monster

Sometimes Playing with Your Food Can Be Deadly

When Cat holds her birthday party at a sushi restaurant, she doesn’t expect her meal to attack!  How can one girl defeat a 50-foot-tall monster made out of raw fish, rice, and seaweed when stuffing her face is not enough?

A hand reached from behind Cat, delivering a sushi roll on its tiny wooden table.

“Ewww!” her friend Marilyn squealed. Other kids laughed or made faces.

Cat rolled her eyes. “Just try it. It’s really good.”

Marilyn shook her head; she’d never eaten sushi before. But Cat was no scaredy-cat. She’d eaten sushi plenty of times.

But this wasn’t what she’d ordered. She’s ordered crab and masago, orange eggs so tiny that they crunched when she ate them—her favorite. Instead, the waiter had brought her a roll in the shape of a doll, with two seaweed-covered legs, strips of sesame seeds and masago on its belly, and avocado arms. The doll scowled at her, tiny pieces of seaweed snipped into a face on top of a piece of tuna.

Maybe that’s what the sushi restaurant made for everybody on their birthdays. She didn’t know.

The sushi-doll’s hands, made out of tiny green leaves, seemed to move, but it must have been the wind or something.

The waiter reached over and stuck a candle in a pile of green wasabi and lit it, and the kids and parents around her started to sing Happy Birthday

Suddenly, the sushi-doll sat up, and everyone screamed, including Cat. The sushi’s head turned back and forth, still scowling at everyone, and its little mouth opened into an O.

“You murderers!” it squeaked. It pushed itself off the wood, bending one knee underneath it, then slowly, wobbly, getting to its feet. “Sushi killers!”