Platform vs. Network

Okay.  I’m here to ask for a favor.

Writers, please get off your platforms and network.

Platform:  A high place from which I say blah blah blah.

Network:  A series of nodes where we all trade favors.

Platform:  Experts preaching to the choir.

Network:  People learning how to exchange ideas and be inspired by each other, often by putting their feet in their mouths.

Platform:  Professional.

Network:  Amateur <3.

Platform:  Racking up the Twitter followers!  Yes!  Five times more people follow me than I follow!  HAHAHAHA!  The power!!!!11!!!111!!!

Network:  Being interested in the people who are interested in you.

Platform:  BUY MY BOOK!

Network:  Telling your favorite authors you’ll trade them for a review, and HAVING THEM SAY YES.

Platform:  Famous.

Network:  Helpful.

Platform:  Limited, one-way communications.

Network:  Living in a sea of ideas.

Platform:  Relying on the news for your news.

Network:  Knowing and flowing and being the news (statistically speaking).

Platform:  TV.

Network:  Telepathy; Internet.

Platform:  Get it right.

Network:  Put your foot in your mouth and move on.  Just like in a real conversation.

I would like more people to play with.  Thank you.


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  1. You need a tweet button on your posts. I love this!

    So, you know. Let’s play. 😀

  2. De

    Hah! It hadn’t even crossed my mind.

    You’re already really good at it 🙂

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