Writing Craft: Vol 1 Conclusion

(This is a sample from my writing craft series; you can read more on Patreon. Please note that these first posts are about things that aren’t strictly about the craft of writing, but the craft of surviving as a writer, if you will, because I want to get them out of the way first.)

EEEEEEE!!!! Conclusion on Volume 1!!!!!!

I still have appendices to write and/or update. I’m gonna put together a list of exercises/short tasks, for one thing. So the volume isn’t ready to go live anytime soon, but still! I am manifoldly exclamatory!!!!!!

This first part of Writing Craft wasn’t much about the actual craft of turning your dreams into words: it will not teach you about character point-of-view strategies, pacing, or action scenes.

However, there are a number of issues and attitudes that, if you don’t address them, can cause you to fail to turn those dreams into words just as surely as writer’s block ever could.

Not all of those issues can be addressed in this book. For example, there are a lot of hang-ups involved in starting a business that have to be addressed before you can turn your dreams into words that other people buy on a regular basis, and there is an entire wealth of knowledge about taxes, business structure, advertising and marketing strategies, copyright, and so on, that I can’t cover here. But I believe this volume touches on the basics:

  • Always be legal.
  • Always be improving and stretching.
  • Please at least try to take care of yourself.

If you’re struggling with the issues around writing, please remember:

You don’t have to write.

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