Wolfsinger Press Releases: Misunderstood & Under a Dark Sign

I have a short story, “Attack on Pirion,” in the Misunderstood anthology from Wolfsinger Press.  The publisher, Carol Hightshoe, says that we are a GO for promoting it.


If you are a book reviewer or blogger, let me know and I’ll arrange that you get a free copy of either ebook.  Otherwise, please enjoy 🙂



Misunderstood (Smashwords, coupon code DZ94X for 25% off through November 15th, or Amazon, no discount)

Are you the kind of person who cheers for the underdog? Or in this case, under-gargoyle, homunculus, or orc? When the action’s at its fullest, are you peering past the hero or heroine, looking to see what the supporting cast is up to?

If so, this is the anthology for you! 

From a feline familiar who’s got to fill his boss’s shoes to a minotaur who is forced to fight to entertain humans, and trolls who are completely out of control, Misunderstood is twenty-six tales of the characters who usually stand on the sidelines supporting either the derring-do or dastardly deeds of the main character. You’ve read their tantalizing few lines in popular fiction. Now read their stories, and hopefully they will no longer be—misunderstood.

Featuring stories by:

Jody Lynn Nye, Bonnie Rehage, Brenda Clough, Cynthia Ward, DeAnna Knippling, Edward Ahern, JA Campbell, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, LR Broberg -Moffitt, Nina Kiriki Hoffmann, Philip Thorogood, Jonathan Shipley, Jonathan S. Pembroke, Andrew M. Seddon, DJ Tyrer, Cael Jacobs, Jason Lairamore, Joseph Ramshaw, Claire Davon, John Lance, Sara Lundberg, Douglas Sanburn, Shane Porteous, Jean Graham, Carol Hightshoe, David Turnbull and Lyn Godfrey




Under a Dark Sign (Smashwords, coupon code TH89M for 25% off through November 15th, or Amazon, no discount)

From a training academy for henchmen to a super-villain’s final throes and last thoughts, enter the dark world of scoundrels where the line between good and evil is drawn and crossed. 

You’ll meet scheming mad scientists, career desperadoes, evil queens, necromancers, and people of questionable character defeating even more dubious foes. These pages contain mayhem, devilry, and outright evil. Proceed, if you dare.

Mwaaa haaa haaa!

Featuring stories by:

Jason Lairamore 
Russ Bickerstaff 
Spencer Carvalho 
Amanda Davis 
Ken Goldman 
David Perlmutter 
Sheryl Normandeau 
JJ Steinfeld 
Ericka Kahler 
David B. Riley 
Tom Howard 
Russell Hemmell 
J.A. Campbell/Rebecca McFarland Kyle 
Vivian Caethe 
Cynthia Ward 
John Lance 
Dale W. Glaser
Robert Lowell Russell
Manfred Gabriel
Caroline Miller
Ted Pennella
C. R. Asay
TJ O’Hare
Fern G. Z. Carr
Max D. Stanton
Rhonda Eudaly
R. Donald James Gavreau
A Cautionary Tale – Rie Sheridan Rose
The Butcher’s Daughter – Shannen Malone 
The Last Will and Testament of a Career Villain – Shoshanah Holl

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