Types of Wandering

1.  The wandering in which you are looking for something in particular but do not know where to find it.

2.  The wandering in which you go to a place you do not know or do not know as well as you like and become lost in it.

3.  The wandering in which you are looking for something inside yourself but cannot find it there and so look outside.

4.  The wandering in which you do not know what you are looking for, but you know a place where you have found similar things before.

5.  The wandering in which you no longer remember why you are doing it, only that you must finish doing it.

6.  The wandering which occurs because you are waiting for autumn.

Wandering taken to delight of another isn’t wandering; it’s courtesy.  However, some wandering is better accomplished with particular people; some wandering, in fact, cannot be accomplished alone, even if the other person is lost along the way.

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