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I asked for suggestions on games to play (indie, ~6 sessions, any genre, storytelling high, crunching low/medium), and I’ve already gotten multiple responses that look interesting.  This is to keep track, so I can find them later.  If you’re reading this and have more, let me know 🙂

I’ve played Weird West lately too, and liked it.  The ruleset is perfect for car trips, but almost too simple for an actual table.

Dark Horse Game Design (Greg Christopher) (free)

Errant – High Fantasy

Synapse – “The game engine represents your mind as a seperate entity from your body.”

Cascade Failure – Post-apocalyptic Errant

Statecraft – Rulers from history.  Political game.

Oceans – As in Ocean’s 11.

Novarium – not done yet, Angels/Demons, medieval.

Forlorn Hope – not done yet, post apoc.

Pieces of Eight – not done yet, AWK!

VSCA Publishing

Hollowpoint – “Bad people killing bad people for bad reasons.”  A one-shot with high kill count.

Diaspora – Deep space SF.

Deluge – post-apoc flood.

T-72 – Afghan desert, 1981.


Savage Worlds – Explorers; Fantasy/Hero packs.

Deadlands – Weird West; Hell on Earth/Lost Colony – futures of Deadlands.

50 Fathoms – Weird Pirate

Evernight – Dark High Fantasy?

Low Life – High Fantasy for post apoc worm creatures.

Necessary Evil – Supervillains must Save the Earth!

Pirates of the Spanish Main – there you go.

Rippers – Victorian Londonish.

Savage World of Solomon Kane – Puritan Revenge

Slipstream – alternate worlds pulp

Space 1889:  Red Sands – steampunkish

Sundered Skies – post apoc, not sure what about?  Lots of worlds?

Weird Wars:  Tour of Darkness – Viet Nam; Weird War Two – there you go.


Ironclaw – Anthropomorphic Fantasy Roleplay

Albedo – Anthro SF

Jadeclaw – Japanese Anthro Fantasy

Usagi – Usagi Yojimbo.

Toon.  Just Toon.

Atomic Overmind Press

Unhallowed Metropolis – Steampunk Horror.

Day after Ragnarok – post apoc, in both Savage Worlds and Hero systems.

Adventures into Darkness – Lovecraft comics, Hero system.

Dubious Shards – Cthulu

Mutants & Masterminds

M&M – Heroic, D20.

Laughing Pan Productions

Deliria – Modern Fae, madness.  Out of print.

Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin – card-based dungeon crawl?

Wingnut Games

Land of Og – Caveman no big words.

Stuperpowers – Heros with powers like projectile vomiting.

Cobweb Games

Hell for Leather – Gory gameshow.

Apocalypse Worldpost-apoc

Burning WheelFantasy-based, heavy on roleplay

Dread – Jenga-based suspense game.

3:16 Carnage among the Stars – SF action.   “Terra’s plan is to kill every living thing in the Universe to protect the home world.”

Eden Studios

All Flesh Must Be Eaten – Zombies

Angel – TV Show.

Armageddon – End times.

Army of Darkness – Just so.

Beyond Human – Ubermensch of a horrible sort.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – TV show.

Conspiracy X – Yep.  Name your conspiracy.

Ghosts of Albion – TV show, Victorian ookies.

Terra Primate – The apes are coming!  The apes are coming!

WitchCraft – Supernatural battles.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment

The Laundry – Charlie Stross’s world.  Magic, science, conspiracy.

Margaret Weis Productions

Leverage – “The rich and powerful, they take what they want. You steal it back.”

Smallville – The TV Show.  Doyce highly recommends.

Do:  Pilgrims of the Flying Temple – Avatar slapstick.  “Summon the Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.  They mean well.”


Types of Wandering


Miracle, Texas


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