Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • @DaphneUn Yeah, but that only makes, erm, 6 2/3 pictures per day. in reply to DaphneUn #
  • @BarelyKnit fierily in reply to BarelyKnit #
  • @BarelyKnit It was quite the adventure in spelling, fierily was. in reply to BarelyKnit #
  • God, I love rewrites now. Who knew that so-and-so was a never-you-mind? #
  • I will do other stuff after rewrites today. Ta! #
  • Choc story rewrite 2, 1/8: "Chocolate," Imogen said, a little defensively. "It's worth more on the black market than you might think." #
  • @amoir Heheheh. Comes in tails. in reply to amoir #
  • @BarelyKnit I like the tumblr background. in reply to BarelyKnit #
  • @elizawhat I like that, "A recipe for batshit soup." I'd say my day felt like that, but I really have no basis of comparison. in reply to elizawhat #
  • Hey @dabeak: #
  • Part 2/8 Choco story done. "Imogen's ghost snorted. 'Come to pray over my son, you hag? Might as well pray in binary.'" #
  • Night off for Carrie Newcomer concert. #
  • Beautiful Carrie Newcomer concert, but I've heard the patter before! The only downside to going to a folksinger's concerts year after year. #
  • Editing! Other things will happen later. #
  • 3/8 done on Choco Story. "Do you know where my quarters are?” “Zady was supposed to show you,” he said. “I pissed her off,” Aoife said. #
  • Weird Al mixes like a primate, yo! RT @alyankovic – Mixing Day #
  • Editing. Stop distracting me! #
  • Part 4/8 of Choco done. Ian said, "You said you wanted more data. I figured it'd be fun." #
  • Going to double back and read it outloud up to this point now; I think I've lost Aoife's characteristic phrasing in the rush of action. #
  • @ianthealy Too late! Short chapter. in reply to ianthealy #
  • Jager and a jelly it is then! RT @copyblogger Gimme a bottle of anything, and a glazed donut… to go! #
  • This is not your child! #
  • Good morning! Time to edit! No sleep till Brooklyn! #
  • I'm doing much less rewriting and much more thinking this time around. A sign of progress? #
  • OMG. Ray needs new karate pants already. #
  • Sometimes we are the windshield, sometimes we are the bug. Sometimes it all comes together baby, sometimes you're a fool in love. #
  • Done: 5/8 of Choco story. "No harm done? We could have died!" "Oh, like I haven't heard that one before." #
  • @Three_Star_Dave They seem to be traditional gis – but they went from highwater pants to shorter than Revenge of the Nerds. in reply to Three_Star_Dave #
  • Overwhelmed. My blogging is going to be very light next week. #

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