Game Review: Machinarium

by Amanita Design.

Ray and I finished Machinarium this week.

WHOAH.  I feel like we really accomplished something.  And neither one of us could have done it without the other.  We make a good team.

Click on the link, play the demo.

Anyway, the game is about a robot who wakes up in a trash heap, knowing only that he has to save his lady-robot love.  The game is set up in screens, with a number of puzzles to be solved before you can move the character to the next screen.  There is no language in the game, no explanations, only a bubble with a light bulb that shows up occasionally to provide a nod toward the general direction you’re supposed to discover.

The art is beautiful (click the link) the interface intuitive, and the story simple but powerful.

And no words!

Ray and I cheered when we finished.

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