Trailers of Meh: Tangled and Thor

Okay, here are a couple of movies I Irrationally Have No Interest in seeing:



There’s so much hype for both, that I had to stop to think what it was that turned me off.

It may not have anything to do with the movie; I think it’s the marketing.

With Tangled, all I got to see was in the early trailers was “There’s a girl!  She has hair!” at first.  Whoop de bloody doo.  Now, I look at the full trailer, which is a little more interesting, but still mostly says, “The most interesting thing about this girl is that SHE HAS HAIR!!!”  The guy has a personality, but it comes across as so trite and contrived as to be worthless, really.  And yet lots of people have told me that it’s a wonderful movie.  As far as I can tell, the story is, “Girl goes out into the world and achieves a personality, with the help of her trusty sidekicks.  Ends up happily married and with a haircut, the end.”

With Thor, again, early trailers were lame:  “There’s a boy!  He’s Thor!”  But wait, Kenneth Branaugh’s directing, so It Must Be Good.  Again with the whoop de bloody doo.  The full trailer, again, a little more interesting, but still mostly says, “The most interesting thing about this boy is that HE IS THOR!!!!”  Again, the main plot being “Boy goes out into the world and achieves a personality (personality makeover, in his case), with the help of his trusty sidekicks.  Ends up happily re-divine and with his hammer, the end.”

Or maybe it’s the movies themselves.  Maybe I just play too much with stories that are similar, “Person gets new outlook on life” stuff, and it sticks out like a sore thumb, a message that I need to move on to more interesting things.

I suspect it’s both, a little bit of lame marketing relying on “cool factor” instead of conflict, and a little bit “sick of that plot already.”  (Thor has to prove himself worthy?  Okay, lame.  Hair girl has to learn how to live in the real world?  Also, lame.  No conflict.  Thor, kicked out of Valhalla, totally his fault, accidentally stumbles on Loki’s plot to destroy the world.  Thor must stop plot even though Odin doesn’t believe a word Thor says.  Give a crap about Earthlings vs. Stop Loki:  there’s a conflict.  Hair girl finds out she’s being used by charming rogue to steal impossible object.  Being a good girl vs. Adventure.  Also a conflict.  Turns out the trailer’s all about Mr. Rogue, and how roguish he is.  Lame.)

So.  Could be perfectly good movies.  Trailers of meh.


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  1. Agreed on the Thor trailers. I really have no solid idea what this movie is about, except that it seems to have all the set pieces and characters from the comic book. Which, if you’re a fan of the comic, engenders a level of excitement, but if not, I can’t see anyone feeling much enthusiasm.

    Tangled, evidently (and unfortunately) went through both a name change and a rewrite to make it more about Mr Rogue and how roguish he is. Because otherwise boys wouldn’t see a movie about a girl. Feh. I hear the movie really is quite good (Kay liked it, as did Margie’s folks), but I haven’t gone out of my to see it.

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