Another writing post.  This is not because interesting, non-writing things don’t happen to me.  For instance, Ray was giving me The Teenager Look this morning.  She’s nine.  That was pretty interesting.  No, it’s because I made a major shift in my writer-mentality, and I’m still trying to work it out.

This morning, I felt like I’d tipped over some edge of mental exhaustion.  Not too surprising; I’ve been working for over a week straight, even though I took a couple of half-days off last week and weekend.  And it’s not like I couldn’t push my way through today; maybe I will, after I get caught up enough on a few things to stop stressing myself.  It just seems like I have Too Many Things to Do today, and if I Don’t Get Them All Done, I’m Doomed.

And so, a ketchup day, to work on a bunch of stuff that’s not on deadline, because I’m going mental about having too many plates spinning at the same time, and too tired to think straight.

On the other hand, I have to admit that this new book is kind of kicking my butt.  It’s a cozy, which I love reading but haven’t written before (although the murder mystery party games help with plotting, clues, etc.).  And it’s about cooking, so I have to do it right both ways.  Doing a lot of research about souffles at the moment.  Not sure if I’m catching the main character’s tone right.  Keep finding myself trying to censor her:  she doesn’t swear, but she make sex/food jokes all the time, and I keep having to wonder if comparing avocados to testicles is appropriate in a cozy.  Really, I might as well quit second-guessing myself; I can always self-publish.

At any rate, I need to make sure that I’m not just avoiding my story today.  And so, a relax, a stretch, and onward.