The That’s-Not-A-Christmas-Movie Christmas Movie List

I consider Die Hard to be a Chrismas movie.  I asked for other people’s suggestions to add to my list.  I got suggestions that had nothing to do with the winter holidays, some that were traditional Christmas movies (some of which I’ll include, oh well), and a few that people started getting snarky about because they weren’t good enough movies.

AND A LOT OF GREAT NON-CHRISTMASY CHRISTMAS MOVIE SUGGESTIONS.  If it had some kind of winter holiday reference, I leaned toward including it, quality be damned.  Please note, I grew up with Christmas as my winter holiday, but I would be delighted to get a wider variety of holidays in here too.

Here it is.  Just in case you get bored.

  • Die Hard – #1
  • Hogfather (okay, my second favorite Christmas movie)
    • The Rise of the Guardians, which has a similar plotline, is the most Christmasy Easter movie ever made, and I’m not sure about adding it, but here it is, the recommender was most firm about this.
  • Christmas Horror
    • Rare Exports
    • Invader Zim Christmas Special
    • Krampus (please note, the actual holiday movie Home for the Holidays seems to be the light-side version of the same flick)
    • Silent Night Deadly Night
    • Black Christmas/Black X-Mas (1974/2006)
    • Better Watch Out
    • Holidays (2016, anthology)
    • Christmas Evil
    • A Christmas Horror Movie
    • Sint
    • The Children
    • Jack Frost (1997)
    • Elves
    • Home for the Holidays (1972)
  • Shane Black Movies
    • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    • Lethal Weapon
    • The Long Kiss Goodnight
    • Iron Man 3
    • I’m looking forward to the Shane-Black-directed Doc Savage movie with the Rock, and I HOPE THERE’S A CHRISTMAS SCENE.
  • Terry Gilliam Movies
  • Classic Movies
    • The Thin Man (the suggestor mentioned the tree shooting scene, here)
    • The Lion in Winter
    • The Shop Around the Corner
    • Bell Book and Candle (Jimmy Stewart!)
  • Chris Columbus Films
    • Harry Potter movies almost always have a good Christmas scene, especially the Chris Columbus ones.
    • Gremlins
    • Home Alone
    • Jingle All the Way
    • Rent (the non-Christmas Christmas musical?)
  • Tim Burton Movies
    • Edward Scissorhands
    • Batman Returns
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Actual At Least Kind of Christmas Movies that Aren’t Too Sweet
    • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
    • The Grinch that Stole Christmas (Boris Karloff Cartoon only)
    • A Christmas Story
    • Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol
    • The Muppet Christmas Carol
    • Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas, which I’d never heard of and had to look up.  Jim Henson.
    • The Holiday
  •  Misc
    • RED
    • Children of Men
    • Love Actually
    • Hebrew Hammer (Hanukkah)
    • Bad Santa
    • The Addams Family (remember the Christmas Carolers)
    • The Ref
    • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (MST3K option available)
    • When Harry Met Sally
    • The Ice Harvest
    • Scrooged
    • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
    • Fargo
    • Babe (la la laaaaaa!)
    • Funny Farm (has a Christmas scene)
    • A Tuna Christmas (which is actually a Christmas play about the folks in Tuna, Texas, trying to put on a production of A Christmas Carol)

Let me know if you have more.  I’ll add ’em if I feel like it, which I probably will, unless you’re like, “But It’s a Wonderful Life isn’t that sweet…?”


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  1. Funny Farm and Christmas with the Kranks? This one may skirt the line, but Home for the Holidays, with Holly Hunter, RDJ, Charles Durning, etc. I forgot this existed, but a Very Harold and Kumar Christmas (I have no memory of whether it was actually good.) And I just found this one for horror (was looking for ideas to watch tonight):

  2. DeAnna Knippling

    The horror-ish Home for the Holidays isn’t the one with RDJ, but one from 1972. Added a bunch 🙂

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