Some 2009 Thank Yous

I won’t catch everyone.  It’s just not possible.

Thank you to Lee – your patience has seen me through more than just any trouble with our marriage, it’s seen me through days when I can’t believe in myself or anybody else.  Your sarcasm has seen me through everything else.

To Ray – you have a bigger heart than anyone I know.  Thank you for forgiving me and loving me and teaching me how to grow again.

To my parents for providing the sanity of Grandparent Camp last summer and for saying kind things those days.  I can’t wait to see the new house.

To my sibs and their significant others for hanging out with me and yowling, beating, and whacking our way through Rock Band.  For keeping me company online when you couldn’t do it in person – electrons filled with love.

To Ian, who has been keeping me from second-guessing myself on my novel.

To Kate, who boosted me up through my query letter and sent recommendations.

To Doyce, for arguing and ongoing debates above and beyond the call of duty.

To Eric and Richard, for fearless, more-or-less tactless critiquing.  See?  I’m getting better.

To PPW, for support, camaraderie, and patience.  To everyone I met at last year’s conference, especially Maleesha and Julie, for bad jokes, community, and the sense that I’m not Alone, not by a long shot.

To all the authors of books I’ve read or re-read this year:  thanks for keeping me a little bit saner.

To Ann and Margie, who talk foodie with me.

To Jackie, for being an inspiration of stubbornness and directness.  I don’t have to keep my mouth shut, do I?

To Randy, for being just as endlessly fascinated with EVERYTHING as I am.

To Stan, who is a little bit too much like me but lets me be the pretty one.

To Dave, for smiling at me with an almost unconditional affection every time he sees me.

To Ray’s teacher, Mrs. Amos, who makes Ray come home saying things like, “You can’t just guess, Mom.  First  you have to think.”  And to Ray’s karate teachers at Jay Haynes Karate Center for being patient with her nearly-insane level of excitement.

To everybody up in GT, for becoming a little bit like a family, bad jokes and temper tantrums included.  What color is off, anyway?

To everybody who’s pissed me off or made me smile over the last year – thanks for keeping me awake and alive.

I needed it.


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  1. Thank YOU Deanna, and I really hope to see you at this year’s conference! Have a great 2010, soul sister!

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