Simple Horror Plots, Part 5: Here I Stand

A door opened, and an apocalypse stepped in.

  • It wasn’t something that could be helped, really.  I mean, it might have escaped from a government lab, but it was a perfect storm, a once in a million years incident of bad luck.
  • Only, something decided to exploit that bad luck.  It went beyond chance or an act of nature or anything like that.  It was of purely evil intent.
  • Good God, why?
  • We try to survive by keeping our heads low.  It doesn’t work.  Humans don’t work.  But if that’s the case, what’s even left?
  • Better just to lie down and die.
  • But I will not.  I will stand.
  • I may resist and defeat that which has opportunistically made the bad situation worse.  I may fall and be overcome.  But I have stood.

This is, obviously, The Stand.  But it’s also things like Braveheart, the Mad Max series, The Dark Tower, and more.  Epic horror?  Got it covered.

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